49 - Hans' trompetcd's
Hoofdstuk 49 - Paragraaf 27
49. Hans' trompetcd's

49.27 Exodus Songs

Hieronder kunt u mijn Exodus Songs beluisteren. Ik wens u veel luisterplezier!

Only recorded for educational use in this website in supporting improvisation lessons by The Institute For Brassplayers.

- Klik hier om Exodus Song Hans Boschma op Bugel af te spelen.

- Klik hier om Exodus Song op C Trumpet.mp3 af te spelen.


Thank you very much for this kind present.

I've enjoyed them a lot, as usual. They sound great; all the musicians are great.

I specially enjoyed the interactions, call and response, between you and the piano.

My best wishes and thank you very much for sharing so many things with us, even your recordings.


Jaume Rosset i Llobet

49.27 Exodus Songs