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5.17 Total Breathing Concept

BREATH WITH Total Breathing Concept

Producer: © Stichting Sailing Brass Leeuwarden Netherlands k.v.k.01114045
Hans Boschma

url: www.embouchure.nl
email: embouchure@live.nl
Co-producer: Kees Hein Woldendorp, (Music) rehabilitation physician Revalidatie Friesland

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Artists advisor: Andre Heuvelmans solo trumpet Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Nederlands Blazers Ensemble.

Technical Producers: Videonerds Production.nl, educational subdivision of Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden.
Editor: Machlon Hurulean, producers: Robert van Dijken, Gino van der Baan.

Videotechnician of Revalidatie Friesland Beetsterzwaag
Winaut Blauw and Wiecher Leidekker

Crew participants:
Feddo Boschma : Breathing Model, Fellows Bigband
Bauke Kalma: Bastuba, Bastrombone Noordpool Orchestra
Bounce and Squeeze Attack demonstration
Fries Harmony Orchestra: Director Thijs Oud
: Warming ups with breathing exercises
: Gabriels Oboe solo introduction with Marieke Stens (thanks to Omrop Fryslân)

Elementary school
Oosterbrink Boyl: 3 th lesson in playing saxophone, trumpet and trombon: with accents on breathing, breath support, warm ups

Fryske Blazers Akademy with Thijs Oud and Hans Jonker
Full Professional Players of the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

Felicia van der Endt: flute
Irma Kort: oboe
Johan van der Linden: saxes
Brandt Attema: trombones

Tinta van Altenstadt: violin Holland Symfonia Ballet Orkest
Charllotte Karlstedt: vocals Vocal School Amsterdam
Erik Bosgraaf: recorder Cordavente Ensemble

Berber van den Berg: sport psychologist Focus on Breath
Daphne de Groot: model in Focus on Breath and Core and Breath Support
Tjalling van den Berg: Supervisor Master Eco Coach Sport breathing subparts
Hans Lauxen: Teacher in Tai Chi breathing techniques in sport


Voice Over: Philip Curtis

Total Breathing Concept “The concept of breathing in Sport, Music & Stress”

Breathing is crucial for life. It seems so normal to us that we do not pay much attention to it. Even in sports and music, breathing is crucial to optimum performance and sound production. Breathing must be seen as a ‘total functional concept’ with many interrelations between the breathing system itself and other body areas like the brains, belly, the mouth and the musculoskeletal system. The concept of breathing is a highly stress sensitive mechanism. In the cases of sport, music and also chronic stress (like chronic pain) specific signs and symptoms can be observed in the whole body. Good observations and specific training will firstly enhance the level of performance and secondarily diminish stress related symptoms will diminish . Attention to the concept of breathing is therefore important not only in sport and music education but also in health care. Mental coaching and focus on the specific sport or musical performance is essential.

There is a lack of structural evidence and practical information about the concept of breathing. This D.V.D. demonstrates the basics of the ‘concept of breathing’ in general and supplemented with specific supplementary items related to sports and music. The crossover between the world of sports and music is unique. Both can learn a lot from each other. For this reason this DVD contains examples of individual and group training in the concept of breathing.

The DVD is recommended for trainers, coaches, sportsmen and women, musicians, teachers, conductors, doctors and therapists.

We hope that the unique and detailed information in this DVD will give direction to future research, not only to enhance the performance level of musicians, sportsmen and women , but also to diminish the hugh numbers of injuries and stress related problems even in the healthcare sector. As the first step in any scientific process is systematic registration and documentation of observations.

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5.17 Total Breathing Concept