5 - Ademsteun
Hoofdstuk 5 - Paragraaf 12
5. Ademsteun

5.12 Total Breathing Concept

FILMTEKST for Total Breathing Concept
This film gets presented in oktober-november 2014 with a workshop where everybody can participate and learn the secrets of breathing practice in woodwind-, brassplaying and singing .


DURATION 3424-4156 basic breath Feddo Boschma 42M DURATION 4134-4156 Cecilia/Brandt/Irma NBE 37M.9S.
DURATION 4080-4104 Eco Coach Heerenveen 25M.9S.
DURATION 3477-3499 Fr.Harm.Orch Proef. 4M.25S.
DURATION 3927-3941 Bauke Kalma 6M.5S.
DURATION 4071-4076 Johan vander Linden NBE 14M59s
DURATION 4221-2147 BOYL kids play 7M9s
DURATION 3499-3503 Erik Bosgraaf 4M9S
DURATION 3504-3511 Hans Boschma brass support/elevator5M7S
Total Duration for now( STILL LACKING 5 subparts) 146M12s.

7 D; 1m20s. (RED.!!USEFUL AFTER 50s.)
T; breathing in restposition.only movements with diaphragma,
Stomach region expends a little bit.
8 D: 28s.
T: Similar as 7
9 D: 31s.
T: Similar as 7
3430 D: 1m17s.
T: Rest breath + one finger movement to develop costo diaphragmal (effort) breathing. Rest breathing changes in total (effort) breathing.
1 D: .52s
T: Rest breath + hands/ manoeuvre to improve costo diaphragmal (effort) breathing like 3430
4 D: 53s
T: yoga turn stretch position to develop diaphragmal breathing
5 D: 1m.32s
T: (usefull after 37 sec.)As 4 but with returned legs.
6 D: .57s
T: as 5 close up .. and later on with stretched legs
8 D: 1m.10s
T: Prone position Rest breathing
3440 D: 1m.47s
T: front shot: control manoeuvre effort inhaling back and side shot.
1 D: 1m.
T: backshot: control manoeuvre ribelevation effort inhaling.
2 D: 16s.
T: side shot: effort inhaling , ribelevation against finger pressure
3 D: 28s.
T: Paradoxal breathing (incorrect inhaling with chest breathing)
4 D: 1m.05s (shot useful after 46 s!!)
T: Paradoxal inhaling wit manoeuvre control
5 D: 44s.
T: Paradoxal inhaling with hands on chest and belly
6 D: 36s.
T: Paradoxal inhaling in sitting position with belly pulled in
7 D: 37s.
T: Paradoxal inhalation with trumpet
8 D: 46s
T: Paradoxal inhalation with trumpet without sound ..close up
9 d: 2m24s
t: Paradoxal inhaling Total + manoeuvre for control..Crown stretching
3450x -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2 d; 1m15s
t; + trumpet; total sitting high. Stretching the body. Stretching the skull crown. Press the feet in the ground
3 d; 2m34s
t; + trumpet Sit saddle side view; back view . Pelvis bottom contract
5 d; 26s
t; one leg over the other knee..fault position.
6 d; 34s
T; sitting position effort breathing (costodiaphragmal)
7 d; 28s
T; similar as 6 but with one hand on the back
8 d; 16s
T; similar but with trumpet without sound
9 d; 23s
T; similar as 8 with trumpet
3460 d; 1m02s
T; standing effort breathing (CD) with manoeuvre ( hand correction)
2 d; 48s
T; eye steering/control / interaction inhalation+ Trumpet play
3 d; 53s
T; similar but + inhalation and exhalation + Trumpet play
4 d; 30s.
T; similar as 3.. down- and upstreaming of the air.
5 d; 30s.
T; eye steering to below in combination with Trumpet play in exhaling
7 d; 37s
T; inaudible inhalation + trumpet without play
8 d; 3m27s
T; breath support huggin’ with Trumpet without play + manoeuvre
(!!!after 51 sec. useful shot with mouthpiece )
9 d; 16s
T; breath support with breath attack = trumpet
3470 d; 1m52
T; + trumpet. Breath attack with staccato/ lipbuzz..close up/ mouth piece high-low play/ and noiseless buzz.
1 d; 51s
T; side shot + trumpet attack crescendo
2 d; 1m26s
T; side shot+ trumpet portato attack/ interval/legato
3 d; 3m30s
T; glissandi high-low. Belly round and thick during low play and
reverse high play
4 d; 3m.22s
T; aeroplane exercise with up straight and downstreaming
5 d; 20s
T; Breath support in playing scales. Bounce attack
6 d; 20s
T; tight clothes. Textile too tight hinders deep inhaling.
4134 ( Cecilia van den Endt en Brandt Attema)
4134 d; 3m36s
T; Cecilia. Flute . Shots: frontal, left side, back and right side
6 d; 6m34s
T; Brandt: Bass Trombone. Shots 7positions front/half left/left/back/half back right/right/half right.
7 d; 3m36s
T; Brandt: Bass trombone. Shots Xtra low play: left/half left/back/right.
4141 d; 2m.12s
T; Irma Kort Oboe: playing theme of The Swanlake. Shots front
2 Similar half right
3 Similar right
6 Similar as 41 half right
7 Similar back
8 Similar half left
4150 Similar as 41 left
1 Similar left
2 d; 1m.
T; box with mouthpieces oboe
3 d; 2.28
T; Alt Oboe different positions
4 d; 1m08s.
T; Irma Kort prone position of bench with one leg on floor for test of her nutation and contra nutation of pelvis and Sacro-iliacal joints
To look at causes of skoliosis which can be an obstruction for
Diaphragma movements
5 d: 1m08s
T; Similar as 4 but with the other leg on the floor. At the leg/ floor side
the pelvis will rotate backward. At the other side, with the leg on the bench the pelvis will rotate forward.
6 d; 2m14s.
T; Similar as 4 and 5 but + endorotation of the hip joint manoeuvre,
to control of the hipjoint mobility and perhaps discover cox-arthrosis deformans .

37M.9 SEC =DURATION TOTAL 4134-4156
1 d; 3m26s
t; fast climbing on blocks..warm up for effort breathing
3 d; 4m19s
t; Breath training Tai Chi with Hans Lauxen. Hands on the belly
4 d; 1m13s
T; Intermezzo intensification effort breathing; running and block climbing
5 d; 1m21s
T; Walking with ball carrying forward in combination with walking + Control of right ( effort) breathing
6 d; .19s.
T; breathing control while focussing on the carried ball (Hans L.)
7 d; .41 (Too short?)
T; Crawling and push the others to the ground. Control your breath.
8? d; .11s
T; Crawling.
9 d; .27s
T; Football, touch the ball ev’ry time 1 x. Control breath.
4090 d; .39s
T; Abdominal muscle training in sit with stretched legs elevating and make
a circle around your opposite sitting partners feet . Control breath
Keep breathing during the exercise..chest and flanks.
1 d; 1m10s
T; Boxing, while punching breath firmly out. Control breathing in.
2 d; 1m00s
T; Boxing continue, punch harder, breath deeper exhale and inhale.
4 d; .37s
T; Similar as 2, but higher rhythm.
5 d; .40s
T; Boxing, walking forward and backward mind defense and control breath
6 d; .51s
T; Boxing walking, running and punching + breath control
7 d; .24s
T; Similar as 6
8 d; .15s
T; Stretch hip muscles + extreme in- and exhaling breath
9 d; .48s
T; Similar as 8 with M/Piriformis stretch with exhaling
1 d; 1m12s
T; Core training on ‘skippy’ ball, sitting with squeezing the ball between the knees ..similar horse riding. Mind breath control
2 d; 1m12s
T; Core training ball duo. One normal sitting and the other
knee/ ball squeeze.
3 d; 1m.06s
T; similar and continuing. Mind breath control
4 d; 4m26s
T; Breath in rest—sprint tracks-control of effort breathing .Hands on belly for control returning to rest breathing.

3477 -3483x
4 d; 1m43s
T; (useful recordings after 44 s.) standing position. Extreme exhaling with breath support
7 d; 4m46s
T; Learning to breath out quickly with making the noise ssss ,
followed by quicker inhaling with shorter moments between
9 d; 1m.31s.
T; Exhaling with lipbuzz../ lipvibration by let passing the air BRRRRR etc.
1 d; 50s
T; brassplayers mouthpiece. Thijs demo. High-low etc.+ Breath support
2 d; 43s
T; similar as 1 with greater intervals
3 d; 2m30s
T; Sitting: Breath control exercises. 5 sec.inhaling-5s.keep it -5s exhale
With control of the right ingale techniques, also exhale with breath
4 d; 46s
T; Similar but with 10 sec inhale- 10 keep- 10 exhale. Mind the right techniques
5 d; 1m40s
T; Whole band: play with portato scales and with thirds. Mind
breath techniques
Total duration time: 14m48 sec.

3927-3941 Bauke Kalma basstuba Eb en bass trombone (Noordpool Orchestra)
3927 d; 30s
T; Bastuba demo squeeze technique “The falling leaves”
8 d; 30s
T; Similar as 27 but more use of bounce technique
9 d; 30s
T; recording breath movements back and flanks
3930 d; 30s
T; similar side left and chest movements
2 d; 30s.
T; similar side right, abdominal breath movements
4 d; 30s
T; improvisation on chords falling leaves. Flank movements
On chair.
5 d; 10s
T; Bass trombone left front movements..legato play
6 d; 20s
T; flank left, abdominal movements (effort breathing).
7 d; 30s
T; standing. Thirds legato exercises. Turning in different positions.
8 d; 1m.
T; Standing. Bass trombone jazz , turning in different positions
“Lullaby of Broadway”.
3940 d; 1m.
T; Bass trombone Xtra low play, record belly expanding in inhaling.
1 d; 30s
T; Choral “Jesus Heaven King”, slow and xtra low play. Record belly!
Duration total: 6m5s.

4071-4076 Johan van der Linde saxophone
4071 d; 4m.3 5s
F; Frontal slow and fast . Recording belly movements.
2 d; 3m22s
T; Half left , belly and flanks
4 d; 3m51s
T; Half left, belly and flanks. Chopping sounds
6 d; 3m51s.
T; back side. Flanks and chest.
Duration total: 14.59

4221-4247 BOYL DE OOSTERBRINK BASISCHOOL music fanfare 1th lesson.
5 d; 1m20s
T; Inhaling , hand on the belly, blow/ exhale with ssssss noise
6 d; 37s
T; similar
7 d; 19s
T; similar extra deep exhaling with ssssssssssssssss noise
9 d; 53s
T; motorbike noise with saxes (delete between pieces)
30 d; 57s
T; similar but faster
2 d; 17s (TOO SHORT)
T; saxophones
3 d; 43s
T; saxes..intonation Bb
4 d; 31s
T: similar
6 d; 26s
T; trumpet intonation
7 d; 22s
T; saxes, trumpets and trombones
8 d; 23s
T: Attacks tatatata
40 d; 21s
T; attacks 3x 3x 3x
2 d; 2m50s
T; Trumpets, trombones and saxes pitch search with effort breathing
3 d; 1m17s
T; similar pitch search + Costo diaphragmal (CD) breathing
4 d; 2m59s
T; All brasses and saxes Thijs and Hans give demo.
5 d; 53s
T; Brass and saxes play intervals
6 d; 2m33s
T; Improvisations Thijs and Hans give demo. With improvisations.

3499-3503 Erik Bosgraaf
1 d; 55s
T; Standing frontal chest and abdominal region. Quiet music
2 d; 1m10s
T; Standing frontal chest and belly , more variations in music play
3 d; 20 s/1m.05s/1m25s different recordings
Read here the different parts:
T; 20 s Fast piece of J.S.Bach; half side flanks
1m05s Slower piece more interval glissandi
1m25s Similar close up from the back, elevating ribs, flanks.
Duration: 4m9s
3504-3511 Hans Boschma with Tuba support footstem/ horn elevator
4 d; 30s
T; Euphonium played with bended columna vertebrae with
Kyfosis+Torsion of the chest too. Recorded from the right side.
d; 38s
t; similar from the other side..left. Both times with restrictions in
chest movements. Tone is squeezed.
5 d; 35s
T; Sitting straight, right up. With footstem (20 cm) under the left foot.
The euphonium is placed right for the mouth now without bending the
back . Greater sound, not squeezed any more. Greater Vital capacity.
6 d; 36s
t; Horn elevator. Hang up your instrument exactly in the middle.
Need a cord with elastics.
You needn’t carry the instrument. Possibility
to concentrate on breath, embouchure motion, shifting, pivoting, pointing the airstream, work easier with inclination angle of the
incisors, jaw movements.
A help for childs in weight bearing.
A help in the case of shoulder complaints.
7 d; 1m31s
T; Place the elevating cord between the 2nd and 3thd valve.
Control the exactly right embouchure position, like as you play
without an elevator cord.
9 d; 1m30s
T; Fixation of the trombone, exactly in the middle.
Play in a stretched position, stretch your crown of the skull
Control your sound comparing with non-elevating play.
10 d; 1m01s
T; Similar as 9 close up recorded.
11 d; 55s
T; Trombone fixation continued

5.12 Total Breathing Concept